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Scientists have tried in vain to translate the Egyptian hieroglyphs for years!

It was simply impossible, to understand the logic or meaning of the pictures from this picture writing. Only the fact, that somebody found a piece of rock, which contained the translation of hieroglyphs into Greek (Rosetta stone) was leading into the proper translation of hieroglyphs by Egyptologists.

NC8 offers consulting, manpower (= we help getting our consulted content to be put into action), seminars, webinars, workshops and many more for all spectrums of your life. Each time, when you wished you would possess your personal “Rosetta stone”, so you could finally understand what makes others tick.


Why are people you work or live with, the way they are?


In a professional context the description above means, that we will hand over the “NC8 translation stone” to you. You will be able to use it with colleagues, employees, employers, teams, different departments, no matter if abroad or in the headquarter.


Use it wisely in order to:


  • create more motivation among people,

  • more empathy towards each other or clients,

  • more creativity at work so you would be able to solve challenges faster than your competition.

In other words: NC8 solve the “black box human” by making it more transparent for you and your team!


NC8 could observe a lot of positive effects and results among companies of all sizes in the past. It works!

You only need to dare applying it!


Results like:


  • sudden working together between departments,

  • better coordination and cooperation between occupational groups,

  • less sick leave,

  • more solutions which can be used right away,

  • better understanding for the goals of team leaders and CEO´s,

  • better understand of the real problems your employees are facing,

  • more fun and happiness at work,

  • satisfied costumers

  • and many, many more.

Make an appointment here and lets talk about your wishes!


We listen to your “hieroglyphs” and we will tell you immediately, if and how we can help to solve them. In addition, our AKM® method helps to use current resources and get the maximum out of it. Lets get started! Click here for more details about our services.

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