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8 as in AID


Aidvice is made up of the English words AID and ADVICE.

We invented "aidvice" to represent the third part of our service portfolio. Our help, advice and support is only possible where help, advice and support is accepted or tolerated.


After more than 30 years of success in the service sector, a lot of experience and useful knowledge have emerged. We are happy to pass on both, so that you are getting into a better position asap. In an initial meeting, which takes place in a confidential setting, we determine your current situation together.

Then we clarify, where you would like it to be and how fast it should go. The following drawing should clarify the range within which you can expect our services. You can always choose 2 at the same time!

Many companies have approached us in the last 30 years, when it was already too late. That means, unfortunately, many companies wait too long to buy external services and then it becomes almost impossible even for magicians like us to restore the desired target state with existing resources.

Why magicians – why existing resources?

We see ourselves as magicians, because in the first interview (described above) we ask you for 3 wishes. So far we have always been able to implement at least 2 of them. Sometimes the use of an external company is linked to mechanisms that only come into operation when external persons are used. As a result of this mechanism, we are entrusted with information that no one else would ever get to know. Knowing this makes it easier to achieve certain goals.

Existing resources should make clear, that we do not see ourselves as personnel optimizers and help companies to cut staff. With our AKM method, which we have developed ourselves, we want to ensure that you as an entrepreneur can achieve the maximum possible result with existing resources (personnel, material, finances).

After we have been working/aidvicing with people, we take care of the steps you should deploy to your teams, employees, colleagues in such a way that they:

  • like coming to work

  • get along well with eachother

  • are able to communicate properly with others

  • get less sick

  • all can develop their personal skills for the benefit of the company

  • Show more creativity to master daily challenges before your competitors do

  • be able to talk to people they don’t like so much

  • Understand the goals of the management better and there implement those goals easierr

  • become more effective and efficient (= doing the right things the right way)

  • Learn how to think outside the box

  • stop their silo thinking and focus on what employees have in common

  • be able to have fun at work again


Of course – this can also be found in every schoolbook, but nobody does it – it would be best for companies to use our services, as long as the company is doing (financially) well. Then the pressure to perform is completely different, but also the fear of losing something is completely different.


All of our conversations are often about doing something new. In order to be able to implement something new ideas, however, our brain has to be tricked sometimes with the right methods (suitable for adults). We do this by using the latest knowledge from brain research. Knowledge that costs no money if you apply it, but which means that people are suddenly able to do things which were previously unthinkable. And that’s only because you manouvered peoples brain capacities into new spheres. We know how to free up more capacity in the brain!


The result is measurable, visible and makes a valuable contribution to a longterm existence of your company. All of this by using existing resources only!

If you are looking for a reliable partner who will implement the above-mentioned scenarios within a realistic timeframe agreed with you, then make an initial meeting here to get to know each other.

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