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Pocket money negotiation tactics

"how to get more pocket money from parents"

Interview with Ö3

Markus Nekham

A few days ago I was interviewed again by Gabriela Euler Rolle on the subject of negotiation.

During the last interview, she wanted to learn tips and tricks on the subject of salary negotiations (HEREto listen to) because the metal industry had just carried out wage negotiations.

This time she wanted information about pocket money for the Ö3 alarm clock and how you could negotiate more pocket money from your parents.

Personally, I am fascinated by how Gabriela Euler Rolle always manages to summarize the most important information from the relatively long interviews for a short presentation in Ö3 Wecker 

Here is the link to the Ö3 article, in which she summarized the essentials from the interview for all readers:

Of course there are many more possibilities than were presented in the Ö3 interview.

  With a little creativity and an ulterior motive, negotiating is always a give and take, you're sure to be able to talk to parents about getting more pocket money.


Markus Nekham

If you still have questions about how to get more pocket money, you can contact Markus Nekham here and send him a message:

Thanks very much!

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