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Your professional soft skills training and consulting company

We think ahead!

NC8 is responsible for delivering seminars on all soft skill topics in Europe, the USA and Asia. Sometimes companies need help after a seminar, which is happy to offer advice and implementation of services. Sometimes companies ask for advice / implementation services and help can be provided through the knowledge transfer of a simple seminar. NC8 uses AKM®. A method and process based on the fact that existing employees can increase their productivity and creativity by improving their soft skills.


We all negotiate quite often every day. In some cases we are satisfied, in others we want a better outcome.

What is the reason that results can be that diffrent? Are the others more powerful? Did you not prepare enough?


 Our concern is people  bring together. More creativity in coping with daily challenges, drawing full potential from yourself and others (colleagues, suppliers, customers), optimizing processes with existing resources.


We offer advice, support

(we will actively help you with the implementation), seminars, webinars and much more. for all those areas of your life where you have always been looking for your personal “Rosette Stone” in order to finally understand what makes others tick.

Upcoming Events

  • Jun 20, 2024, 9:00 AM – Jun 21, 2024, 7:00 PM
    Wien, Stutterheimstraße, Wien, Österreich
    Stellen Sie sich vor, Sie könnten sich ein Brille aufsetzen, die Ihnen erlaubt, das wahre Ich einer Person rasch zu erkennen!
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