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2010 - today

Networx was founded more than 30 years ago. At that time the company started with two separate departments. One dealt with IT support, the other established Internet cafés in public swimming pools in Austria. The internet cafes quickly became very popular and many sponsoring partners were found immediately. The combination of IT seminars INSIDE an internet café INSIDE a public swimming pool became a real breakthrough for Networx, which led to numerous press and even television reports about it.

To be the "invisible partner on your way to success" was the first slogan that networx used at the end of the 90s. The IT service department had the goal of providing its customers with adequate services in good time so that the downtimes of their IT can be minimized. Networx becomes a partner of one of the largest banks in Austria with more than 10,000 business customers - and is a partner of this bank to this day! More than 400 customers have signed support contracts ever since.

Since the seminars in the internet cafés in the summer were only a great success, networx founded the NETWORX ACADEMY. For the next 10 years, the NETWORX ACADEMY devoted itself exclusively to IT courses. Most of them deal with Microsoft Office products or network security problems for IT professionals. It was around the year 2000 when networx started offering SOFT SKILL courses.
At that time, the NETWORX ACADEMY was the only company in Austria which offered a one-day seminar for startups. Entrepreneurs were informed about the right preparation for founding a successful company from the very beginning. Negotiation courses were held across Europe. Even a large sailing yacht (Bayern 50) was bought so that some of the courses could take place on a ship, of course with the same content as if they were held on land.

The third Networx creation was the NETWORX OFFICE SERVICES. In a 6000 m² building, networx began to offer office space with service for companies abroad and for start-ups. A survey showed that a regular startup needs 10 central office services in order to become a successful company in the future. All of these 10 services could be provided by Networx employees without the need for a third party. Very soon all of the offices were occupied by lawyers, tax consultants, cleaning companies, repair companies and many others.

The combination of three independent corporate departments (IT, education, office services) turned out to be spot on after the Leman Brothers screwed up a lot around 2007. The IT and education business declined, but the office market was booming and Networx needed to maximize its office space availability. Over 5 floors were fully occupied with companies leaving their own office space and moving to a (cheaper) shared office building provided by NETWORX OFFICE SERVICES. The 10 core services are important to this day and will continue to be provided to office customers.

At this time networx changed its slogan to: Where others stop, we just get started ...

Around 2010 networx began offering pro bono seminars to public schools. Everyone deals with the issue of RIGHT NEGOTIATION. More than 10,000 students between the ages of 16 and 18 attended the courses. Networx is currently expanding this pro bono service across Europe.

At the same time, the idea of founding a new company was born, just for soft skills training and advice. NC8 is the latest creation from the NETWORX GROUP.

NC8 is responsible for delivering seminars on all soft skill topics in Europe, the USA, Russia and China. Sometimes companies need help after a seminar, which is happy to offer advice and implementation of services. Sometimes companies ask for advice / implementation services and help can be provided through the knowledge transfer of a simple seminar. NC8 uses AKM®. A method and process based on the fact that existing employees can increase their productivity and creativity by improving their soft skills. As soon as NC8 is no longer needed, the founder of Networx, AKM and NC8 - Markus Nekham - defines success!

If you no longer need the services of NC8, you have succeeded.

Last but not least, we should mention that NC8 offers its services to all companies that have difficulty with their teams, managers, suppliers, customers, employees, etc. Who doesn't have that? Right!

NC8's ability to change certain habits within a company is very strong and observable. NC8 therefore sometimes offers not to be paid in full until certain goals have been achieved. If they are not met, then everyone has tried, but NC8 is not paid. When they are achieved everyone is happier than before. Job done!

The NC8 slogan is: We think ahead!

For NC8, trust is the hardest part of the process. Trust can only be established after a person-to-person meeting. Nowadays, most meetings can be held using online video conferencing systems such as TEAMS or ZOOM, etc.

invisible partners on your way to success

Where the others stop, we just start ...

We think ahead!


Write your own success story with us and arrange a non-binding consultation

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Mag. Markus Nekham


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Stutterheimstrasse 16-18

1150 Vienna

About the founder of nc8

Markus Nekham was born and raised in Vienna (Austria).


After graduating from the HTL for communications engineering and electronics, he emigrated to the USA.


Very soon Nekham was able to adapt the American lifestyle and began to import Austrian coffee into the USA. As the only male au pair among 3,000 women in his area (Atlanta, GA), Nekham quickly became the moderator for disputes between au pairs and their host families. If you are an au pair, you change families on average every 6 months. Nekham - who was just 19 years old at the time - repeatedly managed to create a positive atmosphere during these disputes between the two parties. In almost all cases the cooperation was continued and the coexistence between the au pairs and the host families was even facilitated or improved.


These results have not changed to this day. Except that Nekham came back to Europe and founded the company NETWORX after his return. That was over 30 years ago. Today Nekham is not only an experienced lecturer at various universities, but also a solution-oriented conflict manager in many different corporate situations. Companies of all sizes and from all industries turn to Nekham to  because they are confronted with internal "challenges" that they can no longer solve themselves. Exactly when Nekham and his team start work.


Listening-Understanding-Solving are the 3 magic words of Nekham. He also invented AKM®. An easy-to-implement process that allows companies to use existing resources to solve problems.  


About 10 years ago Nekham launched the “Negotiate for All!” Project. brought to life. Negotiation seminars are offered pro bono for high school graduates. Nekham is convinced that these soft skills should be part of the training of young people. Since these are not included in the curriculum, Nekham has now started offering these seminars for schools across Europe. More than 10,000 schoolchildren have visited these so far with enthusiasm and voluntarily.


Nekham defines personal success as the moment when he (or his team) is no longer needed. This company philosophy led to a completely new approach to the business appearance of NETWORX. Companies only have to pay for the performance of networx when the jointly defined goals have been achieved! Nekham believes so much in the content of his team's consulting services that NETWORX can afford to hold your hand AFTER success.


NETWORX is currently experiencing some strategic innovations. NETWORX ACADEMY will be merged with NC8, Nekham's newest company. NC8 will offer seminars, workshops, key note lectures, but also advice and implementation on meaningful soft skills within companies. These include topics such as negotiating, communicating, finding your own calling, gaining more creativity, maximum motivation in the workplace and much more. - all together reflect the focus and guiding principle of the NC8.





All the activities with which Nekham gained his first experience many years ago, but also passed it on, as an exchange student in the USA ...... 

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