Networx was founded more than 20 years ago. Back then, the company started off with 2 separate departments. One was dealing with IT-Support, the other one established Internet Cafes in public pool areas in Austria. The Internet Cafes quickly became very popular and a lot of sponsoring partners were found instantly. The combination of IT-Seminars INSIDE a Internet Café INSIDE a public pool area was becoming a real break-through for networx, leading into lots of press and even TV reports about it.

Being the “invisible partner on you way to success” was the first slogan, networx used in the late 90s. The IT Service department had the goal of providing proper services to its clients in time, so that the down-time of their IT could be minimized. More than 400 clients signed up for a flat-rate support contract within one year. Networx become partner of one of the largest banks of Austria with more than 10.000 business clients – and still is partner of this bank today!

Because the seminars in the Internet Cafes were only a huge success in summer, networx established the NETWORX ACADEMY. In the next 10 years or so, the NETWORX ACADEMY was dedicated to IT-courses only. Most of them dealing with Microsoft Office products or networx security issues for IT professionals. It was about the year 2000, when networx started to offer SOFT SKILL courses as well.

At that time the NETWORX ACADEMY was the only company in Austria, which would offer a one day seminar for startups, telling them about proper preparation for starting a successful company from the very beginning. Negotiation courses were held all over Europe. Even a big sailing yacht (Bavaria 50) was bought so that some of the courses could take place on a ship, of course with the same content as if they were held on land.

The third networx creation were the NETWORX OFFICE SERVICES. Inside a 6000sqm building, networx started to offer serviced office space for companies abroad and for startups. A survey revealed, that a regular startup is in need of 10 core office-services in order to become a successful company in the future. All these 10 services could be delivered by networx staff without the need of using a third party. Very soon, all the office space was occupied by lawyers, tax consultants, cleaning services companies, repair services companies and many many more.

The combination of 3 independent company departments (IT, Education, Office services) proved to be just right, after the Leman Brothers messed up around 2007. The IT and Education business were decreasing, but the office market boomed and networx had to maximize its available office space. Over 5 floors were fully occupied with companies, who had to leave their own office space and moved into a (cheaper) shared office building, provided by NETWORX OFFICE SERVICES. The 10 core services are still important today and are also still provided for office-clients.

At that time networx changed its slogan into: where the others stop, we just get started…..

About 2010 networx started to offer pro bono seminars to public schools. All of them deal with the topic of PROPER NEGOTIATION. More than 10.000 pupils in the age of 16-18 attended the courses. At the moment, networx is expanding this pro bono service all over Europe.

At the same time the idea of creating a new company, just for the soft skills trainings and consulting was born. NC8 is the latest creation, born within the NETWORX GROUP.

NC8 is responsible for providing seminars on all soft skill topics in Europe, the USA, Russia and China. Sometimes companies need help after a seminar, which is gladly given by offering consulting and implementing services. Sometimes companies are asking for consulting/implementing services and help can be provided by using the knowledge transfer of a simple seminar. NC8 is using AKM®. A method and process which is based on the fact, that existing staff can expand their productivity and creativity by improving their soft skills. Once NC8 is not needed any more, thats how the founder of networx, AKM and NC8 – Markus Nekham – defines success!

If you don’t need the services of NC8 anymore, they have been successful.

Last but not least, we should mention, that NC8 is offering their services to all companies who have some difficulties with their teams, managers, suppliers, clients, staff etc. Who has not? Right!

The ability of NC8 to change certain habits within a company is very strong and observable. NC8 therefore sometimes offers to get paid in full only AFTER certain goals have been reached. It they are not reached, everybody has tried, but NC8 doesn’t get paid. If they are reached, everybody is happier than before. Job done!

The NC8 slogan is: We think ahead!  

For NC8, the hardest part in the process is trust. Trust can only be established after meeting from person to person. Nowadays most meetings can be held by using some means of online-videoconference systems like TEAMS or ZOOM etc.
Trusting each other’s abilities is very important. Of course, NETWORX and NC8 both believe in Steve Jobs, when he said: